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At AlEn, our purpose is to build a cleaner and more sustainable world for you through our practical and innovative , solutions for home cleaning as well as the production of high-quality raw materials and industrial products.


Innovations and the environment is at the core of every initiative to continue providing you with practical home-cleaning solutions.
PINALEN® Original is a powerful degreaser that has more than 180 different uses.
Ensueño®, Freshness and long-lasting aromas are at the top of Ensueño®'s benefits for your clothes. With a variety of floral based aromas, you will feel fresh all day long.
The CLORALEN® family of products has provided American consumers with high-performance solutions for deep cleaning a variety of areas in your home, keeping white clothes white, removing stains from colored fabrics and eliminating bad odors.
Flash® is a practical option for those that are looking for a cleaner with versatile and refreshing aromas. It’s a home-cleaning ally thanks to its multiuse formula that has the best aromas. Additionally, the blocks give off a fresh aroma without being in contact with the water — perfuming spaces and bathrooms.


We produce and provide naturally derived products​, formulas and plastic to industrial markets.

Sodium Hypochlorite

A strongly oxidizing chemical compound. This product is obtained through the chemical reaction of caustic soda and chlorine, which is produced by electrolysis of sodium chloride. Because it’s an oxidizing agent, it can affect many colorants. It also contains disinfecting properties.

Pine Tar

Pine tar is a solid, translucent yellow material that smells of turpentine. It is hard and brittle at room temperature, and soft and sticky if hot. Being the clearest WW, its quality is based on its color. It’s also known as colophony, colophony resin or pine resin.

Pet flakes

PET flakes are produced by recycling PET bottles post-consumer. It’s a lightweight strong material. Flakes can be processed by blow, injection and extrusion molding to produce bottles, movies and pieces of injection.


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pellets are produced from recycled post-consumer bottles. This low-cost material has a good chemical resistance and is an effective moisture barrier.


Building a cleaner and more sustainable world

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