CLORALEN® Regular Bleach


CLORALEN®  Contains chlorine

  • Removes tough stains from clothes and surfaces effectively.
  • Whitens and prevents graying with affordable price
  • Deodorizes unpleasant aromas
  • Do not leave toxic residues
  • Compatible with HE and Standard washer machines

Also you can look try our CLORALEN® line of products:

  • CLORALEN® Aromas
  • Scented bleach in three aromas
  • Floral Fantasy
  • Lemon Fresh
  • Lavender Scent


CLORALEN® Max is a concentrated product that has the power to deep clean, deodorize and remove tough stains with less product compared to regular bleach. It is a thicker formula making it easier to pour and simpler to use providing a "Splash Free" clean around the home. It can also be used to whiten and brighten your favorite white fabrics.

CLORALEN® Advanced Formula

CLORALEN® Advanced Formula is THE RIGHT COMBINATION of Bleach Gel and Detergent.
No more mixing and messing with cleaning agents!
An innovative product that cleans in just one powerful step: Tile Floors, Bathroom Fixtures, Shower and Tubs, Kitchen Fixtures, Walls, Concrete, Garage and a powerful Laundry Aid.
It is easy to use due to its gel formula.

CLORALEN® with Vinegar Power

CLORALEN® Color, is a laundry stain remover that cleans stubborn stains without damaging your fabric and maintaining the color of your clothes. And it can be used on white colors too!.

CLORALEN® Bathroom Cleaner with bleach

CLORALEN® Bathroom Cleaner, is a powerful liquid cleaner with bleach that leaves showers, toilets, tiles, and bath tubs clean and free of mold and mildew stains. Its Fresh or Lavender scent leaves your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.


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