Pine-O-Pine® Pine Cleaner

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Cleaner, Disinfectant* and Deodorizer

Pine-O-Pine® Cleaner delivers the smell of a job well done!

The most demanding moms have used our Pine-O-Pine® concentrated pine oil cleaner to clean and disinfect* their homes for more than 60 years with great results.

It has a wide range of uses, from kitchen to bathroom, from floors to walls. It is made of pine oil which gives a fresh and pleasant scent.


Disinfects* Ideal for general household cleaning

Effectively removes grease

Powerful cleaner that can unclog sink and drains

Wonderful deodorizer with fresh pleasant smell


Use 2 fl oz of Pine-O-Pine® per 1 gallon water to kill gram-negative odor causing bacteria on non-porous, non-food household surfaces as floors, walls and tubs. All surfaces must be precleaned prior to disinfecting. Apply with sponge, mop or cloth and thoroughly wet all surfaces. Let stand 10 minutes or until air dried. Prepare fresh solution for each use.

Use Pine-O-Pine® for general household cleaning and removing grease.

General cleaning
For the jobs below, add ¼ cup of Pine-O-Pine® to ½ bucket (1 gallon) of water: Floors and walls, ceramic tiles, garbage cans, whitewall tires, woodwork, kitchen cabinets.

Add ½ cup of Pine-O-Pine® to ½ bucket (1 gallon) of water to wash diapers and work clothes.

*Limited Disinfectant against 'gram negative' bacteria

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