FAQs for New Clients

(1) Q Are all the products manufactured in Mexico?

A Yes. Currently, AlEn has five manufacturing plants strategically located across the country and 14 diversified brands in over 30 product categories participating in bleach, cleaners, powder detergents, liquid soaps, fabric softeners, dishwashers and descaling, both market for Mexico and the United States of America.

(2) Q Can all the products be shipped on the same truck?

A Yes, all our products are able to be shipped on the same truck.

(3) Q Are the products biodegradable?

A Ensueño®, Pinalen®, Pinol®, Flash® and Xtra® are biodegradable, but CLORALEN® is not.

(4) Q Is the product packaging recyclable

A Yes, for Pinalen®, Ensueño®, Flash® and Xtra-Pine®, and Pine O Pine®  are biodegradable, but CLORALEN® is not.

(5) Q Who is AlEn USA?

A AlEn USA is the North American subsidiary of one of the most recognized companies in the cleaning and laundry products category in Mexico: Industrias AlEn S.A. de C.V.

(6) Q Where is AlEn USA located?

A AlEn USA’s corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas

(7) Q What brands does AlEn USA manufacturer?

A Ensueño®, Pinalen®, Flash®, Xtra-Pine®, Pine O Pine®, Pinol® and CLORALEN®

(8) Q Does AlEn USA manufacture private label products?

A No, AlEn USA does not manufacturer private label products.

(9) Q What quality level are the products manufactured by AlEn USA?

A For more than 70 years, Industrias AlEn S.A. de C.V. has been committed to bringing affordable, innovative products that have helped clean and disinfect homes for generations.

(10) Q Can I pickup product – if so, what are the AlEn USA warehouse locations?

A Yes, AlEn USA has warehouse locations in Houston, TX; Ontario, CA and Atlanta, GA