At Grupo AlEn our Vision is to be a leading company, thus we seek to have the best suppliers and always maintaining an excellent business relationship with them. If you are interested in being our supplier, we ask you to consider the following requirements:

  • Managing information via electronic means (invoicing, quotes, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Days of credit
  • Meeting financial pre-qualification (if required)
  • Having an insurance policy/bond (if required, variable according to type of supplier)
  • Signing legal agreements

SIf you wish to be freight supplier, in addition, it is necessary to cover the following:

  • CHaving operators for RELIABLE RESOURCE
  • Current Federal driving license
  • Tarjeta de circulación en regla
  • Federal license plates
  • Permiso de cargar SCT
  • C-TPAT Certification (applies only for U.S.A. trips)

If you meet these requirements, you may start with the Pre-registration process.