• Dipentene

    Volatile liquid obtained from the distillation of terpineol process, the mix contains different menthadienes such as dl-limonene, terpinolene and other terpenic hydrocarbons.

    Its main application is in solvent mixes for paints, varnish, etc., and as intermediate in the production of fragrances.

  • Pine Tar

    Yellow color transparent solid fragments, with turpentine oil odor. Hard and brittle at room temperature, soft and sticky if warm. The quality of the pine tar is based on the color, being WW the clearest. Also known as Rosin, Rosin resin or Pine resin.

    Manufacturing of paper, paint, rubber, soap, printing ink, varnishes, adhesives, and welding compounds.

  • Camphene

    Compound generated from isomerization of alpha pinene. Found as a mix with other terpenes, its odor slightly reminds camphor.

    Used as intermediate product in the elaboration of camphor, isobornyl acetate, and other fragrances.